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Greetings of the day. Hope you are doing great wherever you are 🙂 Welcome to TechSimplify.

Every Morning I ask myself, where is technology going, how it is shaping our future, more importantly how it is changing today. There are new innovation, new technology everyday everywhere you look. Technology is modern-day revolution, which has happened all over the globe, it doesn’t matter where you are currently reading this blog, you have been affected by technology especially in past decade. Sometimes I wonder how we reached here today, how we have embraced technology and how we are so depended on it and use it with grace it’s beautiful. I wonder what those legends from past century would say about their invention, and how it is being used today. Well I’m talking about legends like Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Babbage and many others I failed to mention here. I would love a discussion with Charles Babbage modern-day telephone or mobile phone, smartphones and every technology we use today. Also I’m pretty sure Charles Babbage would love to share his thoughts about modern-day computers or PC (as we call it today), Laptops and other things. Alas these amazing discussion is not possible, but thinking about it makes technology a lot more interesting, and that what drives me towards technology every day.

Well with that brief (well almost) introduction about technology along with my thoughts and keeping these things in mind we have launched this blog known TechSimplify. So what is TechSimplify ? I guess by now you must be asking that question. So let me introduce TechSimplify by answering 2 very simple question.

What we do ?

Here at TechSimplify, we bring you the modern technology, complicated technology and innovations explained in most simplest form. Our focus is on technology mostly related to Information Technology field however we may touch some of the exciting electronic gadgets and other things. Also we will be presenting technical walk-through, to elaborate we will bring you the common issues our coders/developers/admins face in Information Technology field.

Who are we ?

Well I’ve a Bachelor’s Degree, Majoring in Computer Engineering. I’ve been working as Systems Engineer for an organization and my main focus in on Cloud Infrastructure Automation. I’ve worked with Cloud Technologies like VMware, Amazon Web Service mostly commonly known by its acronym AWS. And I would like to expand and share my knowledge through TechSimplify.

Hope you guys find this blog interesting and learn a lot. If you have any more ideas about the content or you want to some specific content. Use the Contact Me form to get in touch with me. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Learning 🙂